Maintenance & Repairs to Modern Homes

Most new homes today that have been built in the last 20 years or so are showing up in neighborhoods with many problems for various reasons.

One reason is because they were production built in subdivisions as fast as possible  for the most profit by developers and quality craftsmanship is missing from the  foundations to the roofs. Not to mention siding & cornice, painting both interior & exterior; also interior & exterior mill work issues.The homeowner has invested hard earned capitol to pay for these homes and need to protect there investments with maintenance as needed.

Another reason many things need to be redone is because less quality materials were used including on the exterior of homes sugar pine for mouldings at windows and doors. The day of slow growth forest is gone as the  timber industry is

These areas of the house have all been experiencing wood rot from water, that  has been in contact with them and they need to be replaced with a better product such as composites and plastic trim. Also LP/GP siding has its problem and have been apart of class action law suits and the owner needs to replace it with a better product such as Hardi Siding.

At my company we employ Old World Craftsmanship to make repairs and also use the very best products to produce long lasting use for the consumers investment into his home. If your home has problems want you consider contacting me personally to look at your home and address these issues as we can find a resolution to the problems.

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